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چهارشنبه 2 شهریور‌ماه سال 1390 :: 11:56 :: نویسنده : آقا سید مرتضی

? Caller: Hello, can I speak toAnnie Wan


.Operator: Yes, you can speak to me

! Caller: No, I want to speak toAnnie Wan

 Operator: Yes I understand you want to speak to anyone.You can speak to me. Who is this 

Caller: I'm Sam Wan. And I need to talk toAnnie Wan!It's urgent
Operator: I know you are someoneand you want to talk toanyone! But what's this urgent matter about

Caller: Well... just tell my sisterAnnie Wanthat our brotherNoe Wanwas involved in an accident.Noe Wangot injured and nowNoe Wanis being sent to the hospital.

Operator: Look, if no onewas sent to the hospital, then the accident isn't an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but I don't have time for this!
Caller: You are so rude! Who are you?
Operator: I'm Saw Ree.
Caller:Yes! You should besorry. Now give me your name!!
Operator: That's what I said. I'm Saw Ree.